Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Famous Donut Munchers

I believe the Secret to Life(tm) is to find some little unimportant thing that you love, then proceed to love it absolutely.  I loves me my berliner jelly donuts.  I gotsta have them at least once per week or I would not go on living.  Shit, I'd eat them every damn DAY, but if I did, I would not go on living.

Here are some of my favorite donut quotes of all time.  One of them I just heard last night:

"Personally, I think some things are our own choice and some things are predetermined.  Let me give you an example: if I walk into a donut shop I do so out of free will. But once I am there, it is my destiny to eat every single jelly donut they have."

- Craig Ferguson, late night talk show host

"Donuts.  Is there anything they CAN'T do?"

- Matt Groening, The Simpsons

"I owe it all to the little chocolate donuts."

- John Belushi


  1. Oh, I'm glad to hear that you don't eat them EVERY day...I would worry about your blood sugar...LOL

    I think I feel about ice cream the way you feel about donuts....

  2. I got my weekly fix of 3 donuts today. I sat in the nearby park on this nice, warmish sunny day. I tried to eat them slowly, but by the 3rd one I was fairly jamming them into my gaping maw. It was then I realized that I could EASILY eat 3 more of them tasty critters.

    But I resisted the urge and sauntered home, twitching and barely sated from the 3 Cherry Berliners. Such is the life of a donutoholic.