Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Happy. Joy Joy.


I’m happy to live in Berlin.  Sure, I rant and rave about gentrification and rising rents on my various Blogs, but I am still proud to be living in a city in the midst of change. Yeah, the old hole-in-the-wall joint I used to eat/drink in has become a yuppie hellhole of yoga and whatnot.  But there are other holes in other walls.  Later they will become assimilated by the Yogaborg, but at least I WAS THERE. BEFORE.

Sadly, this is also the hipster mantra: ‘Um, like, I did this stupid ironic thing that I’m doing, like, WAY before it was, like, cool.’

As much as I hate hipsters and yuppies, I do realize that whenever an area in any given city is cheap enough, cool enough, and available enough—it is doomed.  So I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.  I am REALLY surprised that I have lived here this long.  Every year I take inventory of my meager accomplishments. Every year I get drunk and proclaim to all my (few) friends that This is the Last Year I Will Live in This Yuppie Shithole.  Then we all have a laugh and we all have a drink.  I am STILL amazed and the breadth and depth of my hypocrisy.

Still I am here.  Still, like a beat-down, son-of-a-middle-class-bitch, I rise.


  1. Oh they certainly exist. I encountered a trio of them at the S bahn Station yesterday on my way home from work. Beards, irony, ratty clothes that looked like they hadn't been washed in... ?

  2. Are you sure they weren't merely homeless? Did they have their iphones out? To me that's the only sure distinction between bum and hipster. Unless they are lumbersexual. That shit looks way too German/gel/gay to be homeless. It's frightening to learn that there are now several categories of hipster. Gaaaaghhh....my work is never done!