Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Sometimes a picture is worth (at least) a dozen words.


Which of the following captions works BEST for the picture?

A)  Fruhstuck Weltmeister
B)  The girlfriend is on vacation and I'll eat whatever I want to goddamit
C)  Punk rock breakfast in Berlin
D)  Dude needs some SERIOUS help
E)  Other (pick your own)

The winner of the Dunkin' Berliner caption contest will win donuts.  Or accolades.  Or mention on this blog.

Add your caption in the comment section below to WIN WIN WIN !!!!


  1. B, obviously.

    Not A: You would be the champion, not the breakfast.
    Not C: Punk rock with cutlery *and* a bottle opener? I don't think so.
    Not D: Nothing wrong with the breakfast itself. In olden times, people used to have beer soup for the first meal of the day.
    Not E: I'm not creative enough for that.

  2. Judges? The contestant passed A)the German test and C)the Punk Rock test. Even Eurofools who eat pizzas and burgers with knife and fork would NEVER eat a donut with cutlery. Good eye for detail. And D) thanks for the validation.

    Thanks for playing 'visual satire' with Dunkin' Berliner. You win my approval and thanks.


  3. How about "You Are What You Eat," which is appropriate for a Dunkin' Berliner...

  4. That old chestnut? C'mon, you're a writer; you can do better than cliches. ;)

  5. Donut drink my Sterni breakfast.

    (Looks great by the way - perfect way to start the day.)

  6. "Donut drink my Sterni breakfast" is the clear winner. Danke and Slainte!

  7. Woohoo! I'll drink to that. I just want to thank all the fans, my family, my dog, Jesus, God if he isn't Jesus, my dog again and a big "screw you!" to all you who said I wouldn' never amount to nothin'... Sláinte agus go raibh mile mhaith agat!